Are you moving, downsizing or liquidating and estate?
Don’t throw anything out!
We will sell it!
We will make you a lot of $$$$$
We display and arrange all of your items for sale.
Let us make money for you!

Our Services Include:

  • Free Appraisals.
  • Remove all contents from closets, attics and boxes
  • Straighten up and display items in basement & garage
  • Setup display tables to market and sell your items
  • Provide portable jewelry counters for your valuables and smalls
  • Provide the necessary personnel to insure maximum sales and security of your items and home
  • Appraise antiques, porcelain, china, silver, jewelry, gold, baseball cards and collectibles to insure maximum sale prices.
  • Email our 16,000 plus clients about your sale
  • Place your sale on several web sites watched by tag sale buyers at our cost
  • We place large signs around the community to capture the impulse shopper We sell furniture, kitchenware, bar needs, linen, books, records, antiques, gold, sterling, costume jewelry, clothes, shoes, oil paintings, prints, food, collectables, u.s. and foreign coins, boats, cars, tools, taxidermy items, porcelain, pottery, china sets, electronic equipment, flatware, just about anything you can think of we have or can sell for you.
  • We never charge any up front fees; our money is made by selling your belongings at the highest possible prices.


2muchstuff4me Tag Sales, Inc. is a full service Estate Sale Company that will help obtain the best possible prices for your possessions through an Tag / Estate Sale.

We understand that the process of liquidating personal possessions is often overwhelming and difficult for family members. With over 30 years of experience in this field and well over 1800 sales, we combine integrity and compassion with hard work and organization. Our only goal is to make the process of Estate Liquidation as easy and profitable as possible.

We do it all the work: From setting up the home for the sale, pricing, researching your valuable items, staffing the home the day of the sale and all the advertising which includes our email list of registered buyers of well over 16,000. We can also provide a cleanout to remove the leftover clutter after the sale, leaving the home broom-swept ready for the closing or what ever you need it for.

We sell everything: from Living room sets, dining room sets, Fine art, bedroom sets, flatware, lamps, rugs, collectables, antiques, china, cars, boats, stamp and coin collections, jewelry, designer and non-designer clothes shoes pocketbooks and accessories, perfumes, kitchenware, outdoor furniture, window treatments, statures, train sets, books, linens, kitchenware, antiques and collectables, tools, in fact if you can think of it we have probably sold it.

What makes us the premier estate sale liquidator: research, many of our competitors have no idea what they are selling never mind what it’s worth. The staging of the home, our setup team is the best in the industry, we thoroughly go through attics, closets, cabinets and meticulously display the items for sale. We help the buyers remove those larger items from the home once it’s sold. We even provide a delivery service for those buyers who purchased items and have no way it get the larger items home. We have the longest selling hours, doors open at 8am. We are one of the few if not the only to except all major credit cards. We are the only bonded agency and we drew the largest crowds of buyers. We treat tour belongings as if it was our own.

For a free consultation and evaluation or to talk about your needs call Brian 516 983-9381. Visit our Facebook Page Visit us on Facebook


Insured, Bonded For Sale & Cleanouts

Insured, Bonded For Tag Sales and Cleanouts

No one in our industry does so much for you then we do! Don’t be fooled by cheap imitation companies that do not have any sales experience, don’t know what they are selling and do not research your valuable items. Anyone can sell your items for 10 cents on the dollar it takes a Pro to get the right price. Not all tag/estate sale companies are the same!

Why Choose 2MuchStuff4Me?

Why Choose 2MuchStuff4Me?

  • We never charge any upfront fees!
  • We never charge any employee fees!
  • We never charge a setup fee!
  • We do 160-185 sales a year!
  • We provide security at every sale (no charge)!
  • We provide a delivery truck at every sale!
  • We research all major items in a home to maximize profits!
  • We are a member of the National Antique Association!
  • We are insured, bonded and licensed for clean-outs every sale!
  • We have over 30 years of combined retail and sales experience!
  • We have an Email list of buyers well over 16,000 and growing!
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